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Certified by the State of Michigan

We Offer:

Learn from the Pros

ACAP is the ONLY state-certified academy of the arts in the State of Michigan. Our curriculum is designed by instructors who make their living in the arts and entertainment business and know what it takes to get hired.

We provide professional certifications, mentorship and positive role models for success.

Real Life Experience

While enrolled with ACAP you will have opportunities to work real jobs in the field of your choice. These resume building experiences will boost your portfolio and confidence in your art.

Get Certified and Start Working

All ACAP Graduates Receive:

  • Complete Portfolio
  • Work Ready Resume
  • Professional Photos
  • Monologue (Acting/Voice)
  • Representation by Your Entourage Agency, Inc.

YEA representation opens up the opportunity to find work locally, nationally and internationally upon graduation.


My daughter was inducted to the National Honor Society and as she was on stage, it struck me as to how confident and poised she seems compared to previous years. Typically she hates attention like this she shrugs her shoulders and walks with her head down. Now, she is standing tall, chin up! I just love how much she has changed in the last year!!!

Brighton, MI

At 13, my daughter took ACAP modeling with Ms. Kim. She loved it, and I appreciated that she learned about posture, eating well, skincare, exercise... so much more than I imagined a modeling class would be. Now at 15, my daughter has had some wonderful runway and photo shoot experiences. She enjoys the opportunities to work with Ms. Kim, designers and other models. It's not only fun but contributes to her growth and success!

Royal Oak, MI

ACAP is the only academy in Michigan that helps you become a certified model, which helps to get better paying jobs in fashion markets in Michigan. Ms. Kim always treats her students more like a family and makes sure we get into the right job profile without compromising our safety and time. Every job is well looked after and Ms. Emily is always in touch with us while we at the job to make sure everything is going smooth and well.

Novi, MI



Meet with a Career Counselor to see if ACAP is the right fit for you and to learn about class dates and workshops.

*All Applicants 18 years and under will need a parent or guardian present. Application’s will be responded to within 48 hours.