Ryan Davy – Videography

Ryan Davy

ryan davy

As a kid Ryan grew up on his Parents horse stud farm in Muldersdrift. When he grew into his teens he moved to Natal and became an ocean fanatic: surfing, sailing, lifesaving and photographing. At the age of 17 he joined the parks board to combine both his passion for nature and movies by making wildlife video’s with a small home video camera.

Having never studied video or film through a school or technician, Ryan moved to Johannesburg and started offering his time for free to gain experience as an assistant editor, and assistant camera man.

He later worked his way up the ladder until eventually was comfortable in running his own small production house doing adventure and extreme sport documentaries, Soon Ryan was directing commercials shot on 35mm and producing, directing and filming short films in southern africa and african regions “The important thing for me is to justify the excellence in the design of both nature and technology, to expose the beauty of nature and utilize the true potential in what the technology is capable of, I find the combination extremely satisfying” Davy’s momentum soon ran out when he realized that the industry had a ceiling, his talents were being hindered by false promises, lack of budgets and weak story lines, after having directed, shot and written a number of short stories himself, Ryan resigned from the industry and moved down to the Eastern Cape where he started scripting his first major feature film, “Last of the Trysts”. Now best known as ‘Lords of Exile’

“One cant produce one’s own project whilst making a living in the industry, you will keep finding an excuse to put it off, a decision has to be made and acted upon” Whilst pre producing the feature Ryan made his living with his childhood love, training horses, of which many were used in the film itself. After five years in the making Ryan was back in Johannesburg with his feature completed and entered into several international film festivals, The New York City International Film Festival accepted Lords of Exile as an entry and got very good reviews from both critics and distributors alike.

At the end of 2011, Ryan attended AFM (American Film Market) to pitch his film to a variety of sales agents and Distributors. After the 9 days of intense pitching and selling, Ryan picked up a sales agent who will distribute Lords of Exile under the wing of a newly formed VOD distribution platform, will be live by the end of march 2012.

Now freelancing as a Director, DOP, Wildlife and feature film Cinematographer, Ryan is constantly searching for challenges and opportunities to expand and test his creative skills. “The Universe has been kind enough to bless me with a talent and an ability to make a living of it, the least I can do is justify it by creating good solid stories that can in some way benefit society… it’s especially nice when I get paid for it…”

Ryan is one of the first DOP’s in Southern Africa to own the new Red One Scarlet which is a motion picture camera for independent film makers. His new feature film ‘The Parricidal Effect’ will begin Pre-production by mid 2012. Please contact Ryan if interested in taking part in this Supernatural Thriller.