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Kimberly Simpson – Modeling

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Satisfied is not a real word. Not to Kimberly Simpson. It has no place in the studio, nor on television, and certainly not in the classroom. Whether she is launching a new school, a line of designer jewelry, strutting her figure down the runway, or earning 2 degrees and over a dozen professional licenses and certificates, Kim’s inner monologue always asks, “What more can you do to be a better role model?”

Her career has taken many forms. Ever a creative mind, she started before the age of 17 as a licensed cosmetologist and then moved into designing cars at Ford Motor Company, all while modeling and pursuing her own business. But it wasn’t enough so she went back to school.

Aided by a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Computer Science, she grew into a valuable position as Project Manager of Process Improvement at Ford Motor Company. For almost a decade, she oversaw multi-million dollar projects that improved a wide array of operations in the car manufacturing process. Don’t forget that outside the office, she was still a fashion model, stylist and a business consultant!

Giving birth to her first born in 1987, Kim needed an additional way to improve her life and income. Kim knew she had to try running her own business so she started her first company in 1987. Yes, first. It was called KSCS Computer Services, a Computer Service Company that helped support the auto industry suppliers. After enjoying great success, Kim was forced to leave this business behind in Michigan and move to Kentucky on a Ford project. Once done with the project in Kentucky, and having her second child, Kim decided to retire from FMC and move into her own businesses full time.

In 1999, she created Victorian Garden Estates, Inc. It is a corporation developed to house a combination of creative businesses such as: Virtue Art Gallery, La Petite’ Victorian Tearoom, The Crimson Rose Collection and VGE Business Consulting Services. Kim oversaw the financial management and staff for 10 years, relishing every moment of the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Throughout all of this business building, Ms. Simpson was also gracing the runway for JC Penny’s and Macy’s, appearing in dozens of advertising campaigns and commercials, and managing a television show. She also acquired a Modeling Instruction License as well as Designer and Performance Certificates. Oh yeah, had her third child! But we’re not done yet. So what isshe doing now?

Kim’s next move was to take on the entertainment industry full time. Disappointed in some of the practices of many modeling agencies, she decided to open her own talent agency (Your Entourage Agency) in 2010 and a Michigan licensed Proprietary School of the Arts, in August of 2011. Your Entourage Agency and Academy of Creative Artistic Productions, LLC, are where she discovers, trains, and manages an assortment of models and entertainers in the Detroit area. Remember the first born? His name is Ian and the two of them run Your Entourage Agency together with great success.

Who is this woman, you ask? “I’m a confidence builder,” she would reply. And there’s nothing that breeds success like confidence. You can see it in her eyes and the eyes of her employees. We haven’t even gotten to her students yet. She teaches every student to be a “role” model in life. “No matter where their journey may take them in life; I believe in building strong, assured, confident ‘Role’ models for our future.” In the end, the gratification that comes with seeing her talent succeed is the ultimate gift; it makes all the worries and efforts worth it! She is truly their biggest fan.

Kim has a continuing desire to help rear the next generation of entertainer-entrepreneurs. Because to Kim, it’s not just about what’s on the outside, it’s about what going on inside too. She feels strongly about the personal and business development of her pupils and word has gotten around. Kim is known throughout the Detroit area for her special coaching techniques, perfected over 10 years as an instructor.

Finally, it is her recent honor to join The Miss United States Organization in the capacity of coaching & mentoring the Teen divisions as The Miss Michigan United States director. Kim is thrilled to be training pageant contestants of all ages in the Great Lakes States in modeling, posture, interview & performance. There’s nothing that brings her greater joy than to see confident smiles on that stage.

So when inspiration strikes, get out there and go for it. You can do it if you believe in yourself. And never be satisfied. After all, it’s not even a real word.

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